Verrucas are one of the most common foot complaints

22% of people will have at least one verruca in their lifetime. They’re one of the most common foot complaints in the UK; and one of the most difficult to treat. The remedies that you can buy from the pharmacy are not always effective. Neither is verruca management available on the NHS in this area.

Podiatrist at Castle Osteopaths offers effective verruca treatment

Chioma Goodchild runs Thetford Foot Clinic from the same building as Castle Osteopaths. She is a trained podiatrist who recently began offering a new type of verruca treatment. It’s called verruca needling. It’s quick, it’s effective and it doesn’t involve any nasty chemicals.

Verrucas tend to appear on the sole of the foot and can be painful. Sometimes known as planar warts, they are caused by the Human Papillova Virus (HPV). This virus lives in the top layers of the skin where it easily hides from the body’s immune system. That’s why verrucas can be present for months or even years.

verruca on otherwise healthy foot

Depending on where they occur on the foot, verruca's can be very painful.  If they're on the heel, the ball of the foot or the big toe they can make shoes uncomfortable and walking difficult

Verruca Needling is 100% natural and works with the body's own immune system

Verruca needling tells the body that the virus is present.   The body responds by producing antibodies which fight the virus and destroy the warts. Studies have shown that verruca needling works within days for 70% of people.

Chioma explained the verruca needling technique. “First I use a local anaesthetic to numb the area so that the patient doesn’t feel anything. Then I use a sharp needle to pierce through the verruca into the living part of the skin. My training has taught me how to avoid blood vessels, tendons and nerves so the foot isn’t damaged at all by the procedure. It doesn’t hurt, it takes a little over an hour to do and it works within days. When there are several veruccae on one foot, I only need to treat the main one. The patient’s immune system will attack any others. This method is 100% natural. It doesn’t use any nasty chemical treatments at all.”

According to Chioma, verruca needling can also be effective for some types of corns and callouses. “I see a lot of patients who wear safety boots at work. The steel toecaps can rub and create troublesome corns that make going to work painful and difficult. These respond very well to needling which means that patients can be back to work in no time.”

To learn more about verruca needling, phone Chioma on 01842 821666 to make an appointment

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