Can I bring a friend or relative?

Yes, you can have someone present throughout your consultation and treatment.

Do osteopaths just treat bones?

No. In fact osteopaths are trained to give you complete treatments on your whole body - not just sections. This includes your bones, muscles and body systems.

Will osteopathy hurt?

Osteopathic treatment aims to align inflamed joints and release surrounding muscle spasm. There may be a degree of therapeutic pain (the kind of pain that you know is good for you) during this process.

Acute conditions will require a less strenuous treatment program, but may cause slightly more discomfort. This short term pain is insignificant when compared to the long term benefits it brings.

Any discomfort should relieve itself within 48 hours of your treatment. Please contact Castle Osteopaths if you have any post-treatment concerns.

Is osteopathy safe?

Osteopathy has a gentle approach to manipulation - precisely measuring a joint’s release point and applying only the minimum external force necessary. Patients may experience mild discomfort from joint manipulation, including: headache, light-headedness or nausea. These should pass quickly.  Any concerns can be discussed during your treatment.

How long until I can expect results?

Normally about the first 2 treatments you should notice a difference, however as everyone’s body is different, results from osteopathic treatment can vary. Factors affecting the treatment response include the condition’s severity, region affected, chronicity of the condition (how long since onset) and a person’s underlying medical history. The osteopath will discuss treatment management and maintenance plans with each patient to give an estimate of the number of treatments needed to relieve the condition(s).

Do I need to be referred by my Doctor?

Quite often your Doctor may refer you to come to see an Osteopath for treatment, however, you can come of your own accord. We will normally write to your Doctor to inform them of your symptoms and our diagnosis, and we may refer you to see your Doctor if we feel further tests are required.

I feel embarrassed about undressing in front of a stranger.

It is natural to feel embarrassed if osteopathy is new to you. Please remember that your osteopath has seen many various types of bodies before in a state of partial undress but will always be sensitive to your needs. Towels will always be used to protect your modesty when an area of your body does not have to be shown.

Please remember to wear appropriate underwear.  For those who do not want to undress (e.g. for reasons of faith), then osteopathy may be administered with you wearing clothes.