Samuel - Osteopath 

I am pleased to announce that as from the 3rd Frebruary 2022, Samuel will be joining Castle Osteopaths. I am certain he will be a great asset to the  clinic.

Samuel graduated from the University College os Osteopathy in 2013 and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

He has worked in both private and NHS clinics in London, Norfolk and Lincolnshire, as well as providing sportsmassgae therapy at the London Olympic Games.

He treats patients with work-based and sports related injuries and problems. In addition to his practice, he conducts academic research in to manual therapy.

Samuel is also currently studying for a egree in Phytotherapy (the study of herbs) His skills, knowledge and experience will be very much welcomed. Samuel is married with a young family, he enjoys gardening and horse husbandry.