Simon Nembhard BSc (Hons) Osteopath

- Physiotherapist HPC reg
- Sports Massage Therapist LCSP reg
- Western medical acupuncture Lic/Ac

Simon started practising manual therapy in 1995 and uses a number of different treatment protocols which are suited for individual patients.  This will depend on the presenting complaint and the preference of the patient   

He is fully commitment to continuing professional development, regularly attending courses to broaden his skills and knowledge as a practitioner for self-development and for his patients.

He has recently completed a diploma in Western medical Acupuncture to compliment his portfolio of treatment options.

Some patients may need osteopathic manipulation where as others may need a combination of treatment methods to help resolve their presenting complaint.

The Uk Beam trial 2004 is the largest study in the UK for low back pain and supports a multidisciplinary approach to treatment success.

Simon is a full member of the The Health Professional Council (HPC)