What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Cranial Osteopathy is not different to Osteopathy, rather it is a refinement. Cranial Osteopaths are qualified to and indeed do, treat the whole body, correcting issues in the musculoskeletal system that may also be affecting the circulatory or digestive systems.

A cranial osteopath is a qualified osteopath who has undergone further study and training. Cranial osteopaths have a highly tuned sense of touch and are able to detect minute rhythmical shape changes in body tissues that indicate what stresses, strains and tensions the body is under. These are known as Involuntary Motion or the Cranial Rhythm. The patient cannot control these movements and may not even be aware of them. By detecting and correcting these involuntary movements the cranial osteopath can relieve pain and tension in patients of all ages – even newborn babies.

Who is cranial osteopathy suitable for?

Cranial Osteopathy is suitable for people of all ages. It’s very gentle and doesn’t involve twisting, turning or moving joints. That makes it particularly suitable for newborns, babies and toddlers. It can also help older children, adults, the frail and the elderly.

baby being treated with cranial osteopathy

What conditions may be relieved or helped by cranial osteopathy?

Cranial osteopaths treat a wide range of conditions from bad backs to sore necks, sports injuries to migraine. However the best known use for cranial osteopathy is in calming unsettled babies.

Birth is one of the most traumatic things a body has to go through. Particularly if the labour is prolonged or difficult – or even very quick. The baby’s skull, neck, shoulders and body go through enormous stresses during birth and sometimes it takes a while for them to recover. A baby however cannot tell you if he has a headache, if his neck hurts or he feels anxious. He can only cry.

It is well worth visiting a cranial osteopath if

  • Your baby cries a lot even though you’ve tried everything to sooth him/her
  • Baby favors feeding from one side
  • Baby suffers from colic or excessive hiccups
  • Baby has a strong neck from day one
  • Baby is arching backwards or straightening legs and appears distressed
  • Baby snores or makes nose and throat noises


What happens during a treatment?

The osteopath will first of all try to get a picture of the patient’s general health and of their medical history – in the case of babies and children, was it a difficult birth? Are there problems with feeding etc?

Then, the patient is asked to lie, fully clothed on the treatment table and encouraged to relax. The osteopath gently supports the head and neck in her hands and uses her fingers to feel for, and relieve any tension.   The pressure is so slight it’s almost undetectable. There is no rush and certainly no discomfort. It’s a very soothing, relaxing treatment

About Stacy, Cranial Osteopath at Castle Osteopaths

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Cranial Osteopathy Information

Clinic Hours for therapist - Stacy Chaitoo
Contact - 01842 821666
Sun  10.00 - 16:00

Prices - £45.00 - First consultation and treatment
£45.00 - Follow up treatments 
Testimonials -

Cannot recommend Stacy and cranial osteopathy enough!
Our little one was 10 weeks old when we first saw Stacy and honestly after just one session he was like a different baby all together. He wouldn’t nap much during the day and was up a lot during the night, wouldn’t settle on his own, always crying to be held and absolutely hated his car seat and would cry every single time he was in it. Now he’s the happiest baby, he started sleeping through the night two days after his first session and now happily goes in his car seat with no tears. Breast feeding has become easier and he now feeds for longer and seems more satisfied.

Stacy is so lovely and professional, makes you and baby feel so at ease!"  Kirsty Sadler

"I just wanted to drop you an email and say how wonderfully delighted I am with treatment my 10 week old son has received from Stacy.  She is not only a wonderful lady but has a care and understanding for her patients that I have never seen before.

She began treating my son Max 3 Sunday's ago.  He was suffering from tummy troubles and reflux the likes of which I had never seen.  Stacy took it all in after I had spoken at length with her about his troubles and she began treatment.
He was very fidgety on the first session but Stacy reassured him and me.  She even correctly diagnosed a umbilical hernia that the Pediatrician had missed when he was still in hospital.
The next day was a bad day for Max but as with all good things it has to get worse before it can get better.  Since that point we haven't looked back.  Max is passing wind way more easily (from both ends) he is better with his food, able to poop with no pain and is now beginning to explore the world of solid food.
We even got to the point that he fell asleep on the table at the end of the third session."   Kirsty and Max Warren

"Stacy was recommended to us for our 6 week old son by a tongue tie specialist following a tongue tie division. Our son was a very unsettled baby. If he was awake, he was crying and for no apparent reason. It was so exhausting for us and for him!
2 days after the 1st session with Stacy we started noticing improvements. He was so much more content, the crying got less and less until it became just normal baby cries to communicate a need. He even occasionally started falling asleep by himself!

We returned for a 2nd session today so I'm excited to see further improvements over the next few days.
Stacy is very knowledgeable and so good with babies. She has a very calming way about her that instantly puts you at ease. You know your baby is in safe and gentle hands.

I'll admit, I was really sceptical about cranial osteopathy but I am blown away by the results we're seeing!

After 6 weeks of being in tears almost everyday, I am finally able to enjoy my gorgeous, happy baby boy. Thank you so much Stacy."  Jasmine Mazey

Baby Cranial Massage

"My 10 month old baby always had a few issues with sleep - taking up to an hour to fall asleep, waking up after 45 minutos, waking up several times per night. After having eliminated the obvious factors like teething, being hot or cold, tummy problems I was running out of ideas on how I could help the little one sleep better.
After reading into it, I found that cranial massage can help with birth related issues and I decided to try. My baby was born at 41 weeks + 4 days and there were a few complications at birth.

I know realise that I should have gone for the cranial massage earlier! After concluding the sessions, my little one is falling asleep in less than 10 minutes, sleeps through the night and hasn’t had hiccups since.

"Thank you so much Stacy, a happy mummy and a happy baby are really grateful to you. You are so gentle and patient and we could not be happier!"  Luciana Santos

"Stacy was recommended to us for our newborn baby by a tongue tie specialist for osteopathy as he had a tie and was unable to breast feed. After just two sessions with Stacy he is now 100% breast fed which is amazing, I couldn't be more thrilled. Stacy was lovely and gentle with our baby and very generous with her knowledge which was so helpful. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone in a similar situation with their baby"  Beth Philpott

"Stacy is a miracle worker - plain and simple! We took our newborn daughter to Stacy when she was around 6 weeks old as she had a lot of neck tension, silent reflux and some feeding issues. I saw a huge improvement in my daughter after just one appointment however after 3 sessions we had a completely different baby. Previously we had never been able to put her down without her screaming and now she will happily lay, kick and gurgle on her play mat. Her sleep and feeding have vastly improved - as has her reflux.
I genuinely don’t know how we would have got through the first few weeks without Stacy. I was tearing my hair out and at my wits end before our sessions and now we have a much happier and calmer household (albeit with a toddler too!!)
We owe Stacy everything - thank you for your fantastic skills and knowledge, you’ve helped us more than you could ever know!"   Laura Hogger

stacy chaitoo with young patient