What our clients say....

Tummy troubles relieved by Cranial Osteopathy

Dear Simon

I just wanted to drop you an email and say how wonderfully delighted I am with treatment my 10 week old son has received from Stacy.  She is not only a wonderful lady but has a care and understanding for her patients that I have never seen before.

She began treating my son Max 3 Sunday's ago.  He was suffering from tummy troubles and reflux the likes of which I had never seen.  Stacy took it all in after I had spoken at length with her about his troubles and she began treatment.  

He was very fidgety on the first session but Stacy reassured him and me.  She even correctly diagnosed a umbilical hernia that the Pediatrician had missed when he was still in hospital.  

The next day was a bad day for Max but as with all good things it has to get worse before it can get better.  Since that point we haven't looked back.  Max is passing wind way more easily (from both ends) he is better with his food, able to poop with no pain and is now beginning to explore the world of solid food.  

We even got to the point that he fell asleep on the table at the end of the third session. 

Kirsty and Max Warren

Relief From Vertigo and Knee Pain

This is my testimonial for you regarding first of all the vertigo problem I had last September.  I had been feeling extremely dizzy on turning my head for about a month. The dizziness also happened when I was asleep. It would wake me up and and I would be nauseaous and unable to stand for a while. I visited my GP who prescribed anti dizziness medication. But to no avail. I was going away on holiday and concerned the flight would make things worse.

My son Daniel recommended me to you. I explained everything that had been happening and you gave me about one hours treatment, manipulation and massage etc. You asked me to come back after my holiday for more treatment. This vertigo had been really debilitating and I had been dreading my holiday but the one treatment was enough. No need for the medication and I have never had the problem since.

I have recently had to come to see you with knee pain, which again you have treated and after two sessions I can walk freeley and without pain. I can only say that I would have no hesitation but to recommend you to anyone for treatment. Thank you so much.

Jan Jones

Relief From Chronic Pain

I've been suffering from chronic neck, shoulder and upper back pain for over 9 years and recently it's also been affecting my lower back, which has been hell for me!! Going through excruciating pain and muscle spasms caused by inflamation etc.  Every time I have a bad episode doctors keep fobbing me off with a concoction of meds.

Recently I had another really bad episode, where I was in so much pain, with reduced mobility and in despair as the painkillers were not helping me and the NHS self-referral physio service rejected to see me as I had more than one problematic area apparently. 

That's when a colleague recommended this clinic and I immediately booked an appointment with Stacy Chaitoo.  Honestly, what can I say? I can't thank her enough for what she did for me. 

From my first appointment I felt the difference in my movement. After my second session I was off painkillers and stopped using my hot water bottle.  I felt so much better and felt like I could finally move around without feeling the excruciating pain. I continued having more session, in total 8.

Each week I looked forward to seeing her because of the way I felt. For the first time in 9 years of feeling pain every day I felt a reduced amount or almost no pain at all at some point and freedom of movement. She also gave me stretches to do at home which help a great deal. She was honestly a godsend for me!!


Baby Max's Tummy Trouble is Relieved by Cranial Osteopathy

"Dear Simon, I just wanted to drop you an email and say how wonderfully delighted I am with the treatment my 10 week old son has recieved from Stacy.  She is not only a wonderful lady but has a care and understanding for her patients that I have never seen before. 

She began treating my son Max 3 sundays ago.  He was suffering from tummy troubles and reflux the likes of which I had never seen.  Stacy took in all in after I had spoken at length with her about his troubles and she began treatment. 

He was very fidgety on the first session but Stacy reassured him and me.  She even correctly diagnosed an umbilical hernia that the paediatrician had missed when he was still in hospital.  The next day was a bad day for Max, but as with all good things it has to get worse before it can get better. 

Since that point we haven't looked back.  Max is passing wind way more easily (from both ends!) he is better with his food, able to poo with no pain and is now beginning to explore the world of solid food.  We even got the the point that he fell asleep on the table at the end of the third session. 

I cannot thank and recommend Stacy enough.  She is wonderful!!!!

Kirsty Warren

Relief From Cluster Migraines

"After suffering from migraines for most of my adult life I was diagnosed with 'cluster migraines' by my doctor and put on medication.  I was on this for a year and was still suffering with my attacks lasting for anything from 3 to 15 days.  Simon suggested to my husband during one of his treatments that I tried acupuncture.

When this was mentioned I at first said no as I hate needles but then I thought about it and it couldn't be any worse than the headaches.  I booked in with Simon and had a course of 6 treatments over the next few months.  Thanks to Simon and his treatments I have only had 3 migraines in the last 4 years which is amazing.  I can't thank him enough and highly recommend anyone to give it a go, it has changed my life.

Mary Jubb 

Rapid Improvement in Pain Levels

I saw Simon just over a week ago for my second appointment, and I was blown away with the knowledge and skills he had to make my injury better.  I couldn't believe that during my first appointment the paid had improved dramatically.  And I could lay and move ten times better within 30 mins of seeing him!  It's amazing and would definitely recommed Castle Osteopaths to anyone.

Laura Boyce-Sleight  

Making Exercise Possible Again

I’ve been suffering from knee pain in my left leg for a few years.  I like to exercise and particulary enjoyed running and cycling but the pain became unbearable. So I stopped these activites and took up exercise classes at the sports centre thinking these would be more manageable. 

Although the classes were gentler on the knee, the pain became worse and even walking or going up and down the stairs would result in sharp, stabbing pains and aching that lasted for hours.   At my local Doctor's surgery, a nurse practitioner told me it was something I'd just have to live with and to strengthen the muscles around my knee as to take the pressure off - which was a catch-22 situation.

I casually mentioned my knee to Simon whilst he was treating my son for a trampolining injury, and he suggested Acupuncture.  I was initially slightly sceptical, but Simon administered the treatment immediately (in my right arm) and I had two further appointments a week apart.

I can now say my knee is pain free and as I'm walking a 26.6 mile route in London soon that really is fabulous news.  I've been walking 20 mile routes weekly and it feels now like I've never had a problem with my knee at all.

I highly recommend Simon, he provides an excellent service.

Sherrie Barnes  

Relief from Parkinsons Symptoms

I was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinsons Disease  8 years ago at the age of 38.  I have suffered with Parkinsons symptoms of not being able to walk properly, problems with my balance and not being able to sleep more than 3 hours a night due to lower back pain.  Over the years I have been referred to the hospital where I  have had numerous X-rays for my back, different medication for the sleepless nights, walking and balance problems.

I recently visited my chiropodist who recommended Simon to see if my problems could be sorted out.  I had never been to see an osteopath and felt a little nervous not knowing what to expect.   I made an appointment and was welcomed by Simon.  He knew I was nervous, but he sat me down, I explained all my problems to him and I instantly felt relaxed.  He is very easy to talk to and he's very thorough in diagnosing the problems.

Firstly he checked my posture.  He explained that the right side of my pelvis is higher than my left side, which explains why I'm leaning towards the left.  He explained that he would concentrate on the posture problem to begin with and then on the Parkinsons problems.

At my first visit, Simon carried out some manipulation on my back and pelvis.  After this I felt much better.  These problems ahd been getting me down for a very long time and now I felt I was finally getting somewhere.  Since then I have had acupuncture and massages.

Every time I visit I feel better.  I know that the Parkinsons will not go away, but I'm very gratedul for Simon to give me a more comfortable life, not to be in pain and to have a better night's sleep.

I would recommend Castle Osteopaths to anyone.  I'm really pleased I went to see Simon.  Excellent Service 5* Thankyou

Paula Locke

Back pain after being kicked by a horse

I was recommended Simon by a friend after getting kicked by a horse causing me a lot of back pain.  Not only did he cure my back pain, he managed to pinpoint the reason I was getting headaches every day for 5 years.  I was due to a problem in my neck.  Iwht his specialist treatment of acupuncture, laser therapy and manipulation I  no longer suffer from this constant pain.

He has also helped me to recover from sciatica as well as fixing many other problems I have had over the years.

I highly recommend Simon.  Not only is he good at what he does he is also very friendly and welcoming and will work out the best treatment for you to ease your pain.

Emma Didlick  

Speedy relief from pain

I had a lot of pain in my right leg going from my knee to my thigh and calf.  I had it about 4 weeks.  I decided to go and see Simon.  I had a little swelling on my knee and something to do with my soft tissues.  Simon gave me a really good massage.  My leg was better that day!  I was very impressed at how quick it worked, he has got magic hands so I highly recommend him.

Lynn Tapson


Thank you for all your help.  The treatment I recieved was fantastic and helped relieve my symptoms.  I would definitely recommend Castle Osteopaths.

Susan Fitch

Simon inspires confidence in his patients

I first went to Simon following a personal recommendation and I can see why is so highly thought of by his clients.  His "bedside manner" for want of a better expression is superb.  He listens to what you have to say, helps you express your sympotoms and explains things in an understandable manner without being condescending in any way.

His all-round knowlege of physiology is obviously immense and you always feel confident in his prognosis and recommended actions.

At my last visit, he diagnosed my injury, told me how to deal with it and told me there was no need to return.  How many other practices would have done this rather than have me back for several more fee-paying sessions?  Needless to say, symptoms soon reduced through following his advice and cleared up exactly as he said it would.

Richard Flanders

Driving-related back pain

After 30 years of driving, sometimes 45,000 miles a year, my hip, back and shoulder were becoming locked in painful positions.  I visited Simon and was immediately impressed by his friendly, professional approach.

After a few visits, things were going back into place and the pain was gone.

I am now retired, but still go back occasionally for a "service" check up.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Simon

John Batchelor

Hot Flushes and Night Sweats

My pilates teacher recommended Simon to me as I have been suffering with hot flushes and night sweats for a very long time.  I have tried many so-called remedies over the years with no success. 

I have had 4 visits to Simon so far and have started to see an improvement although there is still a way to go.  I like the way Simon is multi-disciplinary and I am very happy to try different treatments.  I also like the way he treats the whole body, not just the one symptom I first went to see him with. 

I think Simon finds me a challenge but he says he does not give up so my fingers are crossed that I will be symptom free before too long.

Vivienne Clemons

Recovering from a car accident

I was involved in a six-car pile up on the 29th December 2016 in Sussex on the way to Cornwall. And unfortunately sustained some injuries.  One was a knock to the right temple and a black eye and referred headaches to top of my head and left temple.  Also, stiffness in both shoulders.

The insurance company recommeded me to The Castle Osteopath's practice in Thetford for treatment.  I attended for seven sessions in which I had acupuncture and physiotherapy.  Simon was very kind, sympathetic and very understanding.  The treatment was a great success and I have now my confidence back to be able to drive long distances again.  I amd feeling really well again.

Thankyou Simon and if I come across anyone who may require your services I will recommend you to them.

Judith English

Persistant Knee Pain

I went to Simon with a knee pain that had persisted for a couple of years.  I had been to other osteopaths, acupuncturist and a physiotherapist but nothing seemed to be working. 

A member of my family suggested Simon and i went to him as he was qualified in many different therapies.  I hoped that maybe one set of eyes with multi skilled knowledge would help the knee to heal.  My treatment from Simon involved acupuncture in many parts of the body (none of which was in the area that my pain was!).  He also used a form of ultrasound therapy as well as sports massage and the usual "snap, crackle and pop" of osteopathy! 

My knee has improved huge amounts and no longer gives me the daily spasms and pain that I was getting before.  I would strongly recommend Simon to anyone with any pain or health issues as he is a thorough and skilled clinician.

Marietel Moss

Muscle Spasms

Where does one start?.......

I have known Simon for more years than I can remember.  He was just starting out doing his bit in Norwich and Wymondham Leisure Centre before opening his practice in Thetford. 

He did wonders over the years with my lower back pain. It was caused by very bad muscle spasms which would put my back out. 

He worked on my back with ultra sound to warm the muscles and a good massage; lots of tweaks and the odd needle or ten. 

All I can say is thanks Simon.  And anyone who needs help with any pain they have should have a trip to Thetford. It's worth your while just to see if he can fix the problem.  Much better than being in pain all the while.

Simon Robertson

Relief from neck pain

Simon used a technique on my neck that instantly gave me relief from the tightness of the muscles and the bones were locked.  At 70 one needs to be able to move with ease and no pain.  This technique provided that.  PLUS he is the first person to talk me into acupuncture.  I hate needles!  BUT I must say that there was great relief fro the pain I had in my jaw AND it did not hurt at all.  But of course......I did not look!

I can't recommend the treatment Castle Osteopaths provide enough!

Karen K Green

Excellent treatment and even better advice

I was visiting the area and had a problem.  I took pot luck and with no recommendations to guide me, I made an appointment at Castle Osteopaths.   After some excellent treatment and some even better advice, I left with a solution to problem that I had had for some time and thought it was something that I would have to live with. Well and truly on the way to recovery and now have no problem at all.  A very good service

Colin Coull

Rehabilitation after breaking a bone

In June 2016 I broke my left ankle and was told I needed a recovery period of 8-12 weeks to fully heal. However after this period I was still in a lot of pain, following an x-ray I was told that I had extensive swelling and bruising. I was given no further treatment and was advised to return in 6 months if I was still in a lot of pain.

I was at a loss still in a lot of pain and it was starting to get me down quite a bit.

It was then I decided to see Simon at Castle osteopaths he made his initial evaluation and advised 4 treatments of acupuncture followed by rehabilitation exercises.

I have always been a bit sceptical when it comes to alternative therapy but the pain was not going away and the medical profession seemed to give up on me.

After 2 sessions of acupuncture the pain had reduced considerably and I was able to walk much more comfortably. Following another 2 sessions of acupuncture I was able to walk pain free for the first time in 6 months.

The strange thing is that the needles were put in my wrist to treat my ankle not sure how it works but I am walking pain free.

I mentioned to Simon that I had a long standing bursitis in my right elbow and every time I put my elbow on the table it was very pain and yes a few needles later the pain had gone.

Simon has changed my life when you are in constant pain it slowly chips away at you physically and mentally.

The service that Simon provides is highly professional and has given me a solution to my pain in a short period of time.

Thanks Simon

Gary Parfett

Lower Back Pain

I was recommended Simon by a friend.   I had been suffering with chronic lower back pain for a year and a half and had seen a plethora of different therapists including; physios, osteopaths, sports massage therapists, doctors, spine specialists, had an MRI scan, acupuncture, pilates … you name it, I had seen them – and no one was able to relieve the pain or even give a diagnosis. I had become so despondent and depressed, yet felt my problems could be sorted, I just needed to find the right person. I did – he’s Simon at Castle Osteopaths!

Another reason I made the decision to take the plunge and book to see Simon was the fact that he is multi-disciplined - qualified in physio, osteopathy, sports massage and acupuncture. As I didn’t know what my back needed, I thought it would be good to have all the options available!

After a full assessment, my treatments started with some manipulation and acupuncture (never in the back, always somewhere random like the hand, ankle or head!). What was refreshing is that Simon treated me on what he found, not on what others had said or tried to diagnose. The following weeks he kept tweaking the treatments, a bit of massage, ultrasound worked very well and different acupuncture points. No two treatments were ever the same and he wasn’t satisfied unless I would return saying the pain had reduced. Most weeks I would return with less pain. He then introduced rehabilitation exercises for me to do at home, which accelerated my recovery. 9 or 10 sessions later he has signed me off and I am now signed up to a gym to strengthen my back so this won’t happen again. I have very little or no pain during the day and pain free at nights. I also have the confidence that with strengthening, my back will be fixed.

Sorry this testimonial is long winded, but Simon’s treatments are like no others. He really does care, is very passionate about what he does and hates being beaten by something he can’t treat. He won’t give up until something works! Thank you so much Simon, I will recommend you to everyone.

Debs Crawford

Chronic back pain - Doctors couldn't help

Hello everyone. My name is Giedrius. I would like to tell you my story. About 5 years ago I came from Lithuania to United Kingdom to seek a better job. During that period I have had various jobs. Most of them were physically hard

It wasn’t long before I started getting back pain which I thought would go by itself.

After a few months the pain persisted so I thought I would do some sports to help. Over the next 6 months the pain just got worse. There were times when getting out of bed was difficult and even breathing was painful.

It was then that I sort medical help. I was prescribed medication and arranged a blood test. After a week I returned for the results which came back negative.

I came back again to my doctor, she said that blood tests showed that I am a completely healthy person, so told me to keep taking the painkillers and said that the pain should pass. While using medications the pain was reduced, but just came back worse than before.

I was then referred for physiotherapy and they recommended a course of exercises, after two months there was no noticeable difference.

I came back to my doctors and this time she sent me to do a magnetic resonance image (MRI), which as well as the blood test did not shown anything wrong.

It has been 2 years of back pain and the medical profession are telling me there is nothing wrong with me.

When someone in authority is telling me there is nothing wrong you start to think “Am I imagining this pain”

So I did not seek any more doctors, suffered constant pain, it was very bad so I just took the strongest painkillers.

My family saw my pain but no one could help. One morning I had to ask my brother to help get me out of bed because the pain was so bad.

I continued to suffer pain for four years. One day I met an old friend who also previously had the same problems with his back but now assured me that is completely healthy and can enjoy life and just can thank one person.

It turns out, that this person is located just outside my house, which I often have seen him working with people, doing massage, so many times when I’m coming back from my work.

However, because I was disappointed with doctors, I did not believe that such pain can be cured only with help of hands. After a friends recommendation I visited this person. I understand know that he is an osteopath, physiotherapist and he uses acupuncture not a doctor. He was the first person to examine my spine with his hands gave me answer to my problems and treated me.

I have had about 6 treatments the pain has reduced about 85%. I am very happy that finally I can enjoy life again.

I am very grateful to this osteopath. Therefore, I advise everyone not to delay until the pain takes over your life, and as soon as possible to seek help. Because don’t forget, the moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens. Don’t give up!

Big Thankyou to Simon Nembhard

Giedrius Mikulenas

Chronic Pain

I have experienced some kind of pain on a daily basis for as long as I can remember.  I was born with 2 club feet and a dislocated left hip. 

After numerous operations since birth re-aligning bones and stretching muscles and tendons, I have unfortunately always suffered some sort of pain. I heard so much about acupuncture treatment from friends who have tried it, and testimonials like this that I researched on the internet.  I kept saying to myself, give it a go, what harm can it do? but always put it off for one reason or another. 

Then, about 3 weeks ago, I phone Simon and finally booked an appointment.  Why did I not do this sooner?! The relief that I felt from the very first moment was unbelievable.  I found myself questioning whether I was imagining it as I wanted it to work so much, but the more I walked and moved the better it got.  I could literally feel the pain disperse in my feet, it's a sensation and feeling that cannot be described unless you try it for yourself.  How can something as simple as this bring so much relief?  I questioned this all the way home, but after a further 2 visits, I cannot stress enough how this treatment has made me feel. 

This probably isn't the typical testmonial you will read, more like a short story, but I think it is necessary to get my point and feeling across about this treatment.  Simon listened to all my issues, understood how I was feeling, then immediately set out to help me as much as he could. Give this treatment at go.  Tell Simon your story and you will soon be writing something like this for yourself.

Nick Squibb

Migraine helped by acupuncture

I have been suffering with migraines for the past twelve years with associated vomiting. I normally get about two a week and the pain is always over the right side of my head and they normally last for 24 hrs plus

Anyone who suffers with migraines can understand what you go through

I have tried all manner of medications sometimes they help sometimes I think they just go in time.

I have had an MRI scan, tomography thankfully they found nothing sinister

My husband recommended me to Simon at Castle Osteopaths this was about 4 years ago, and said “I should try acupuncture” the problem is “I Hate needles” so continued with my medication, migraines and vomiting.

However one day I suffered a migraine attack which lasted for about 48hrs I tried my medication but to avail. In desperation I decided to give Simon a call; he got me in that day. I came into the clinic clutching my head due to the pain

What happened next I will never forget he put one needle into my foot and within seconds literally the pain in my head seemed to drain towards the needle over the next ten minutes my head was clear and I could open my eyes, for me it was a little miracle?

I have had some amazing experiences in my life, my wedding, the birth of my son and the effect I got from the needle. I was so happy yet angry with myself for suffering all these years with migraines especially after I was recommended four years ago.

Since starting the course of treatments in the past five weeks I have had one bad migraine and my medications have been reduced by about 90%.

I still do not like acupuncture but I hate the migraines more, what a change to my life

Thank you Simon for all your help

Elena Mihal

Pain Relief

For 15 years I have been backwards and forwards to Doctors and Physios.  The Doctor forwards you to the pain clinic, the pain clinic sends you to a specialist, the specialist gives a pain injection, and one hour later you are in the same place; nowhere.  No end of tablets and driving across the County gets you nowhere.

One question.  "Why oh why does the Doctor not recommend Simon and the services provided by this clever Osteopath?" 

Four treatments and my neck pain has completely gone.  This also included a trapped nerve in my arm.  After 15 years of constant pain, all through the night as well, then a few visits to Simon at Castle Osteopaths and I am sorted. 

I am annoyed with myself, why did I not go earlier? I relied upon the advice given by the Doctor. 

A big thanks to Simon, you have changed my life.  I have energy and more inner strength than ever before. I cannot thank you enough.

David S

Neck Pain treated with a mix of disciplines

After moving from Hertfordshire it took me a number of years and more than a couple of unsatisfactory experiences to find an osteopath who could effectively treat my back and neck pain. Happily, I eventually found Simon.

What I particularly like about Simon is his holistic approach to treatment. He has a whole toolbox of skills- osteopathy, acupuncture, massage and he is able to use these in combination to treat your specific problem.

He takes his time, you do not feel that you are on a conveyor belt - rushed in and rushed out again. He is knowledgable and has a natural curiosity which means that he is always trying to understand more about the body, how it works, what can go wrong and how to treat it.

I do not hesitate in recommending Simon and Castle Osteopaths.

Deana Daniels

Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

I've been visiting Simon at Castle Osteopaths on and off for a few years now and have seen massive improvements to my muscular and skeletal problems that I didn't think were possible.  Through a combination of acupuncture, massage and manipulation I feel massive improvements in my day to day life and would recommend anybody living with constant niggles or pain to visit hhim.  It's a very relaxed environment in which you feel at ease and his knowledge is excellent.


Beneficial treatment

It's a lovely calm place to visit and very busy, more people are using these kind of treatments as they find they are more beneficial. 

I would recommend everyone to come and try your therapies as I think the service you give is wonderful.

Pat and Mike Rudd

Back Problems, Stress and Anxiety

Originally Simon was recommended to me by a friend who held him in very high esteem.  I suffered from back and neck problems as well as job-related stress and anxiety. 

Simon is not only a very good physio but also very understanding and treats you like an individual.  I also think he is spiritual and a healer.  He has magic hands.  He has a lovely sense of humour and used to tease me because I was always yelping when he applied pressure or tried to release my stiff neck.  I usually felt a bit spaced out afterwards but the next day found enormous relief. 

I went to see him over many years and he helped me no end. 

I would recommend Simon to anyone, including people who have tried other avenues first.  I think he can fix anyone.

Kate Osborne

Multiple ailments

I have been seeing Simon for over 10 years for a variety of ailments and problems.  All of which he has treated brilliantly using a wide variety of techniques. 

One of his unique talents is that he is qualified in a whole range of skill sets, from physiotherapy to deep massage to osteopathy and acupuncture, and unfailingly chooses the right technique or combination of methods, to treat the problem.  Further, he keeps the number of treatments to the minimum, unlike others who appear to follow set protocols over a fixed (often lengthy) period of time.  Simon will often, for example, fix a bad back with one or two treatments. 

In addition, he is a great listener (and thinker) and charming company.  I start to feel better as soon as I see him and his engaging smile!  I travel from Cambridge to see him and would come further if necessary.  I recommend him unreservedly.

David Flanders

Pain and Mobility Problems

Simon has helped me more than anyone with treatment of pain and mobility problems that the usual medical system just doesn't know what to do with.  He considers the whole person and personalizes treatment to whatever is needed, from deep tissue massage to ultrasound and acupuncture - or a combination.  He is so ecouraging and capable that a session has double benefit and I always feel improvement physically and mentally after treatment.

Laura D

Sciatica treated with osteopathy

Just to say, about 3 years ago, I was in absolute agony with back pain from which sciatica arose. 

I contacted my Doctor who confirmed this and suggested painkillers as treatment could be about 6 months wait on the NHS.   I then went to an osteopath for treatment for about three weeks but the pain was still on and off. 

My husband had been to Simon a few years ago and suggested I contacted him.  For which I was eternally grateful.  His manner and expertise are second to none. 

I had Osteopath treatment, physiotherapy, massage and was able to return to work after a few weeks. 

He is such a lovely man, understanding as I am a bit of a wus.  He makes you laugh.  I will always refer people to him cos he's brilliant.

Sue Keevil

Severe Neck and Shoulder Pain

For several years I have suffered with severe neck and shoulder pain, which was interfering with my work and hobbies. 

NHS Physiotherapists gave me a series of exercises but I was given no hands-on treatment. 

After two sessions with Simon at Castle Osteopaths, I have been pain free and can now pursue my work and hobbies. 

Simon then suggested that I would not need to see him anymore, but I find the treatment of massage and manipulation and acupuncture most relazing and beneficial and have decided to carry on with monthly visits. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Castle Osteopaths for their extensive range of treatments.

Mike Glynn

Multiple Problems

Top Class Osteopath! I was recommended a visit to Simon by a friend after a bad shoulder injury and being in constant agony.  On the first session of having a whole body examination my shoulder was almost back to normal. 

Simon also realised a problem with my back from a mortorcycle crash some years ago which i had forgotten about from being in pain for so long.  In later treatments we brought up a few other things like a sore elbow and IBS and would you know it, he managed to sort these out too!!

I would definitely recommend a visit even if you think there is nothing wrong with you, talk about any body issues too!! Great customer service, made to feel very comfortable and fixed me up so well I almost feel like I have a new body!! Thanks Simon!!.

Karl Jones

Thank you

We would like to thank you for the treatment carried out on Thomas.  His back has made an excellent recovery.  Not only that we couldn't have been more satisfied with not only the physical treatment but the understanding from you as well.  You listened and actually understood what he needed/wanted and were understanding to how he was as a person as well.

Sophie and Thomas

Knee Injury

Having hurt my knee in a roller skating accident the Doctor referred me to Simon as I  had ligament damage as a result of the fall. 

The accident happened at the end of October and I was due to ski in the first week of January. 

Following 10 sessions with Simon which included heat treatment and acupuncture I was fit to ski and my knee felt stronger than it had for years. 

I was very impressed with the treatment and the entire experience.

Neil Pettit

Lost voice

I first visited Simon over 2 years ago.  I had originally gone for back problems but after talking with Simon at my first appointment, he said he wanted to try acupuncture on another problem I was having. 

Since I was 15, I had regularly lost my voice for long periods of time.  I had tried countless medications and treatments on the NHS, had scans and speech therapy but nobody could give me a diagnosis or anything to relieve the symptoms. 

I started acupuncture in December 2014 and within a few months I noticed a huge difference.  I continued with the acupuncture on a regular basis and now barely ever lose my voice. 

I am so grateful to Simon for the treatment I have received - it has made a huge difference to my life. 

Charlotte Fitch

Chronic Pain

I have been using Castle Osteopaths for some years after growing disillusioned with treatment at another osteopath.  At my first visit I was in chronic pain. After a treatment with Simon my pain had lessened.  Not only are they professional and knowledgeable but they are approachable and friendly.  I now visit as and when I need to and wouldn't use anyone else to keep me moving!

Debbie Noble (aged 38)


I went to Simon following a road accident in June 2015.  Simon gave physio advice and I attended several healing sessions which proved very beneficial. 

Strongly recommend Simon.  Brilliant.

Kevin Penfold

Sports Injury

Slipping on wet grass, I sprained (not for the first time) my left ankle. Fortunately, Simon was able to see me that day. He massaged the ankle, 'lasered' it and then acupuncture. I had three sessions, each 6 days apart. He also advised me of an ankle strengthening exercise to do. I'm very pleased with the result. Thank you, Simon.

Chris B

Back Pain

I have recommended Simon and Castle Ostopaths to many friends and colleagues.  I suffered with back pain for many years on and off and started seeing Simon for treatment regularly over a period of months.  Not only did he relieve my pain using a variety of therapies (deep tissue massage, manipulation ultrasound, acupuncture) but also spotted my overpronation and made me some orthontic insoles which enableed me to successfully train for the 5K Race For Life!

I am a busy community Midwife and ongoing back health is of vital importance to me.  I can't recommend Simon Nembhard highly enough and won't hesitate to revisit his thriving pratice should the need arise. (Although, I obviously hope it won't!)

Melanie Ambrose

Neck Pain

After suffering with intense neck pain and intermittent tingling and loss of sensation in the left arm, I decided to take the plunge and visit a professional. 

After speaking with friends who have lived in the area for some time, there was one name that kept cropping up and that was Simon at Castle Osteopaths. 

On consultation Simon diagnosed problems with the facet joints.  So far I've had manipulation, ultrasound and acupuncture.  The pain is starting to reduce and the joints are now starting to move more freely.  There is still work to be done but we are certainly moving in the right direction. 

After many years of playing competitive sports and physically demanding work I've recieved lots of indifferent treatment for injuries.  Simon is certainly not one of those and is professional, informative and outstanding at what he does. 

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to others and already do so when I can.

Glen Beardsall

Mobility Issues

I have greatly benefited from treatment by Simon over many years.  He is a good listener and a highly professional and reflective practitioner who is committed to treating you as an individual.  He takes great satisfaction from resolving any mobility or pain issues you might have as quickly as possible.  And it is all done with a smile and a sense of humour.

Rob Webb

Sports Injuries

I have been treated at Castle Osteopaths several times with various sports injuries and have no hesitation in recommending Castle Osteopaths/Simon Nembhard.  The clinic is warm, friendly and relaxed.  Simon knows how to put his clients at ease.  I have recovered well with Simon's support and treatments and truly believe I have never been treated for longer than is necessary.  My first treatment was 20 years ago and I have the confidence after all this time that Simon is the right man to see.

Claire Brooks

Back Pain

I am a 68 year old man who has suffered back problems since a sporting incident occurring in my early twenties.  Since that time I have been successfully treated by an Osteopath, but sadly has recently retired.  My search for a replacement, following a recommendation from a "gentleman in the same profession" landed me in Castle Street Thetford, at the doorstep of Simon Nembhard.  This followed several visits to other "gentlemen in the same profession" who all singularly failed to cure my problem.  Following a comprehensive question and answer session, Mr N proceeded to work his magic.  Massage, manipulation and acupuncture (optional but to be recommended), all expertly carried out with each step clearly explained.  Generous in time - no hurried "I have another patient waiting" syndrome, and very fairly priced.  I am very pleased to have found my replacement.

Frederick Leak


I would say to anyone who is on their menopause, give acupuncture a go as it does work.  It worked for me.  I started my menopause early and I was on HRT patches for several years, also sleeping tablets.  Now I feel like a new person. 

Not only am I patch-free, I don't have to take sleeping tablets.  So yes it does work.  It was money well spent.

Suzanne Clifton

Low back pain

I went to see Simon after suffering with severe back pain. I also explained that over the years I have been suffering with my calves cramping at every night

A combination of acupuncture and massage my pains and calf’s cramping have improved dramatically

I was very sceptical about acupuncture but not any more

Malcolm Walpole


I have been suffering with menopausal symptoms for many years after visiting Simon initially for low back pain he suggested acupuncture to treat my symptoms.

After having 10/15 hot flushes I am now having maybe 2 if that I feel like a new woman no more getting up through the night laying on a cold floor to cool down. Why did someone not tell me about acupuncture before?

Carol Baldes

Shoulder Pain

Those of you that know me will know how stubborn I am about some things.  Well acupuncture was one of those things, until today. 

This afternoon I visited Castle Osteopaths where Simon Nembhard treated the shoulder pains that I've been experiencing for months now. Something I just accepted as part of getting older and would just have to live with.  Well not any more! 

A short 10 minute acupuncture treatment and i'm pain free for the first time in ages!! Unbelievable but hightly recommended.  I would advise anyone with stubborn aches and pains to go see him and found out how effective acupunture is for yourselves.

Steve Falder

Menopause: Hot flushes and mood swings

Having been on HRT for the past 8 years, my Doctor told me it was time to stop taking the medication.  Over the past 12 months I have tried cutting down on the medication but unfortunately this was unsuccessful.  I was still suffering from hot flushes and mood swings.  On a visit to Simon Nembhard he mentioned he had cured people who had suffered problems whilst going through the menopause by using Acupuncture.  Simon gave me 2 treatments on consecutive weeks before I started to feel the benefit.  I visited again after 2 weeks by which time the mood swings had become less frequent and the hot flushes were lessening considerable.  The next visit was after 4 weeks by which time the symptoms had virtually disappeared.

Carol Jones

Back pain

After having a bad back for 45 years and being told that nothing more could be done, I decided to try acupuncture on the recommendation of a friend.

The first thing I realised is that Simon is also a physiotherapist and Osteopath, so I was getting 3 skills in one visit.

After my 1st visit my neck and back had improved beyond all expectations along with my mobility. I had not realised how immobile I had become, it was so much easier to do simple things like picking things up from the floor and standing for any length of time.

Not everything was instant and some trial and error was required, but I am now well on the way to having no menopause symptoms (including hot flushes). I am just amazed at what can be done with a few needles and Simons skill.

I am so pleased that I decided to give it a try as all my expectations have been exceeded.

Thank You Simon.

Carol Baldes


I have suffered with fibromyalgia for over 23 years and tried all manner of medication over the years to no avail.

Your body feels as though you have ran a marathon every day I was so tired. I was about to give up work.

I went to see Simon, at Castle Street, and after explaining my problems, he suggested acupuncture

I now have no headaches; I can walk so easily and can get into the shower without falling over. I can now sleep with only waking once instead of five times a night. “It’s so nice to have a good night’s sleep”, it makes you feel like the day is so easy to get through.

Kay King

Torn Tendon

Having torn a tendon in my right wrist and thumb about 17 years ago, all the healing that was going to work had worked.  I had been left with numbness in 2 of my fingers which left me with little or no feeling at times.  I had even burnt them and cut them and not felt it, and had a lot of pain in my wrist and thumb.  It had become very debilitating I couldn't hold a pen properly or use the computer mouse - both needed for my job.  Work supplied special aids, not the best feeling.  Home life was just as awkward, holding a toothbrush was difficult I had to look for brushes with extra large handles making them easier to hold, a lot of time these things would just fall from my hand I am right handed so changing to left was just as difficult.  I couldn't use knives properly; again they would fall from my hands.  Preparing food and vegetables would take forever as I had to keep resting.  Things had become a real problem I had steroid injections they didn't work in fact it just became worse. 

I had to come and see Simon about a back problem which was sorted by acupuncture after a few sessions.  During these consultations I mentioned my hand, and he thought he might be able to help.  Having tried everything else I had nothing to lose.

I wish I had found out about acupuncture and Simon sooner.  After the first course I noticed a difference, the pain had lessened.  After the second the numbness got better and by the third I still got some numbness but all I needed to do was rub my hand for a few seconds and it would go. I hadn't had this happen for a very long time.  I was finding I wasn't dropping things, I could hold a pen for longer periods. 

It has now been several months since having regular acupuncture, the time between treatment is getting longer and longer and things have changed for me.  I no longer need special equipment at work, I'm the same as everyone else. I don't have to go shopping for special toothbrushes; and this Christmas to be able to just stand and do all the veg and food for a family gathering without having to keep taking a break was superb so much quicker.  I am beginning to get back to doing things I haven't done for years including the decorating. 

All I can say is I' glad I hurt my back otherwise I wouldn't have found Castle Osteopaths.  Life is so much easier now.

Sue Millar


My son Francisco (8yrs) suffered from a bad cough for over a year, he was wheezing every night and impacted his breathing and ability to play football. After many visits to the doctor over the past 18 months we had no improvement with his symptoms. I was recommended to see Simon to see if acupuncture could help.

After three sessions Francisco is a new boy. The wheezing has stopped, he is back playing football, doesn’t feel so tired and his breathing has returned to normal.

I never knew how amazing acupuncture can be for children. I am very grateful to Simon for helping my little boy.

Gislaine Dinis

My Poor back

I first met Simon in early 2007 having been recommended to consult him for a bad back by a friend

I have ridden race-horses for many years and the inevitable falls have taken their toll

Following a particularly bad fall on the race-course I had suffered with intermittent chronic lower back and neck pain for six years and had consulted physiotherapists from Norwich to Bury St Edmunds but to no avail. The recurring back pain restricted me in carrying out normal daily tasks and driving was often a nightmare

In desperation I approached Simon to see whether he could help

After the third session the back pain had dissipated, my neck was mobile, and life started to be fun again

I enjoy running to keep fit and successive visits helped to free-off tight hamstrings and my run times improved markedly

Over the intervening years I have been back to see Simon every 4~6 weeks to review progress and correct any soft tissue problems before they become serious

He has a superb sense of humour which helps to make the session’s good fun. More importantly he seems to know instinctively where soft tissue damage needs resolution. His practical approach to tissue and joint manipulation solves the problem where traction and TENS equipment, promoted by traditional physiotherapists, have failed to work

Peter Johnson C Eng MIMechE  

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